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Photo attribution Leon Brooks
Photo attribution Leon Brooks

I have recently read T.K. Chapin’s new book  A Chance at Love and have decided to review it on my website.

You can see more of his work here.

A chance at Love is a Christian romance novel by T.K. Chaplin.

T.K. Chaplin has created an awesome protagonist Kyle Reynolds – 19 years old.Kyle is strong, kind and patient when he has to.  Kyle is a blessed guy because within six months he found the love of God and the love of his life. I enjoyed reading the book. I read it within 5 hours. I don’t normally read this quickly but I was unable to put down my kindle once I started.

T.K. does understand what it means to be a Christian and also how people look at us as Christians. As I was reading I found that I was checking myself to see if I am a model Ambassador for Christ.

The story is believable and likeable. I found it quite intense as well, particularly at the stage when Kyle was trying to figure out what was Emily’s secret. Her secret took me my surprise. I believe this was very original. I didn’t see it coming.

I find it hard to figure out Kyle’s family, particularly the parent’s excuses for not bringing up their children in the way of the Lord. After thinking about it however I realise their excuses are true to the times we are living in- Church does have some bad apples, but that does not change who God is and the love of Jesus.The story is well though out, very intentional.

I would recommend to young adults or new converts to Christianity particularly the younger ones.

I give it 4 stars

Kerrian N. Adebanjo





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